Today’s Yield from the Coffee Field—A week of narrow trading and “absurd” claims about the crop

September 18, 2014

CEO of Excelso Coffee, Ed Field, reveals all the factors that go into each perfect cup of Field Coffee and Tea.

Today, December closed just off the low for the day at 181.20, down 365 points. During the last seven days we have traded in a rather narrow range, relatively speaking, of about 550 from 181 to 186.50. But a more interesting fact is that in five out of those seven days, December met heavy resistance in the low 181s. A break out below 180 could suggest a big push south.

Once again, in order to show you how fickle the market is, I am attaching an article which indicates how different Brazilian organizations feel about the current production forecast. A report by Market Talk on industry groups slamming reports about the outlook of the coffee crop as “absurd, incoherent and reckless.”

Read the Sept. 17, 2014 article, “DJ Brazil Coffee-Crop Outlook Slammed By Industry Group.”