Today’s Yield from the Coffee Field—A strong dollar and low prices creates fluctuates the market

September 11, 2014

CEO of Excelso Coffee, Ed Field, reveals all the factors that go into each perfect cup of Field Coffee and Tea.

Today was a day of correction after yesterday’s big fall.  December closed up 420 points at $1.8540. In many past days, we may have thought of 420 points as big move. Today it is only 61 percent of the average daily trading range. Yesterday I mentioned the strong dollar and weak Brazilian real and the Colombian peso. A strong dollar and/or a weak currency from a coffee growing country can influence the market. In the past, we have seen some support in the $1.85 range. Maybe the strong dollar will help to push the market lower.

Read the Sept. 11, 2014 article published on the Dow Jones Newswire revealing, “Coffee prices rose as some bearish traders returned to the market as buyers to lock in gains after prices hit a one-month low a day earlier…Still, prices are likely to resume their declines amid pressure from a stronger dollar.”

Read the “DJ Cotton Nears 2-Month High on Lower Production Forecast” published Sept. 11, 2014 on the Dow Jones Newswire.